Monday, April 22, 2013

Devil Dinosaur

Devil Dinosaur is one of Jack Kirby's wackiest creations. I come from a period in the 70's when Kirby wanted to make comics without having to deal continuity. Marvel Comics did not want any book to be outside of the shared Marvel Universe. Kirby had to base this book in prehistoric times so he could tell the story he wanted.

This picture is important to me because I made it after a friend James Welborn passed away. James lettered Monarch Monkey and was always very supportive of my work.  It was part of a show of comic book art to honer him. This piece is also important because it was really the start of the texture technique I use now. It pains me James can't see my work now.

Spandexless Review

This is a review of Monarch Monkey and other Stories at Spandexless.
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